360° – Nobile Rione Giotti’s Museum

A 360° view of the main hall of the Nobile Rione Giotti’s museum, Piazza Faloci, Foligno.


A 360° view of the main hall of the Nobile Rione Giotti’s museum, Piazza Faloci, Foligno.

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The Noble Rione Giotti is the only one among the ten Rioni of the Giostra della Quintana of Foligno to have established a museum.
The Societas Juctorum District Museum, inaugurated in 2015, is a museum of history of local belonging, a space of memory and narration that has a dual purpose: to remind those who belong to the Noble Rione Giotti of the history of which everyone is a carrier and witness , tell the story of the event to those who discover the Quintana for the first time and what it means to be part of a district. The exhibit itinerary of the Museo Rionale Societas Juctorum is divided into three rooms, inside which the fourteen Palios of Giostra are won by the Noble Rione Giotti, memorabilia, documents, historical sketches and numerous clothes both for the competition, such as the four dresses for jockey worn by as many victorious knights from 1987 to 2015, both from fashion show, with the ten noble and ladies dresses that also highlight the evolution of the baroque folk dress from the seventies (inspired by French fashion) to the eighties, nineties and two thousand (inspired by Spanish and English fashion).

The Societas Juctorum District Museum is also home to temporary exhibitions.
Since 2015, the museum rooms have hosted three different exhibitions: “Giotti 365, Quintana is belonging”, a photographic project created by Luca Petrucci; “By pencil and brush, the Quintana by Giuliano Scarponi”, dedicated to caricatures and paintings by Giuliano Scarponi; “Emozioni Scomomati, Arte e Quintana meet”, Cristina Bianchini’s first personal exhibition that created a framework of abstract art for each Palio to tell its emotions through new recompositions of shapes and colors.

Since its establishment, the Museo Rionale Societas Juctorum has been visited by about a thousand people a year, participating in two different editions of the FAI Fall Days (2017 and 2018) and responding to more and more numerous requests for extraordinary opening (during important events towns like I Primi d’Italia or the Festa di Scienza e Filosofia) or to articulated forms of collaboration developed by primary and secondary schools in the city.

[Source: https://www.rionegiotti.it/il-museo-rionale/]

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